The Secret To Content That Gets Read And Shared

Here’s a question I get asked a lot:

“How do I get more people to read my blog?”

Just last week, a subscriber (a relatively new blogger) asked me this question and mentioned her frustration at “vague statements” about what makes content “great”.

Maybe, like her, you’re ready to tear your hair out if you have to watch another Facebook Live or read another post where someone’s solution, to no engagement or slow audience growth is “create great content”.

Not because they’re giving bad advice but because it’s usually followed by statements like:

“Be useful.” Ok.

“Be relevant.” Yaaas!

“Be entertaining.” Um…

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Now just to be clear, I am 100% guilty of making vague statements like this.

In fact my go-to is “make sure you are creating compelling content” and that’s because I know content is what is going to drive growth and engagement for you, so the word “compelling” shows up like glitter at a disco party in many of my posts because I assume you will know what I mean by “compelling”.

But you know what they say about assuming things…


So here is a definition of the word “compelling” from Google:



evoking interest, attention…

synonyms: enthralling, captivating, gripping, riveting, spellbinding, mesmerizing, absorbing, irresistible.

Once you’ve read through this definition, you realize you are required to create:

“Captivating content”

“Spellbinding content”

“Irresistible content”


And all of those emotive statements come down to one thing.

Your content has to make your reader feel something.


Not so sure about this?

Take a minute to consider your favourite brands or influencers:

Oreo. Adidas. Gary Vaynerchuk. Marie Forleo…

They entertain, inspire, motivate…

So your mission (if you choose to accept it) when writing content is to –

Move people.

write blog posts that get shared #blogger

Most business owners think of content creation as an opportunity to broadcast and sell.

They’ll create content that demonstrates their knowledge and expertise because the thinking is:

Hey! I know my stuff.

I probably know more than my competitor.

So I’ll share my knowledge and create super useful content and then I win!

But there’s a problem with this approach.

Firstly there is no shortage of useful content on the interwebz.  And secondly, demonstrating your expertise and know-how does not necessarily inspire loyalty.

So how do you go about creating emotionally satisfying content?

“The products and services we come back to over and over again are designed for feeling, not just function.” – Bernadette Jiwa

  1. Write like you talk

If you could sit across from your ideal client in a coffee shop and talk to her or him about your latest discovery or hack what would you say and how would you say it?

Chances are you wouldn’t hold back.  You would be YOU.   

You would probably want your ideal client to know you’re not only knowledgeable but also charming and possibly a little zany so you would sprinkle your conversation with humour and empathy.

Remember you’re not writing for your English teacher.  You’re writing content for your ideal client.

Your ideal client isn’t going to grade your content.  

Recommended Action Step:

Read through your existing blog posts and see if your writing is “academic” or “dry”.  If you’re not sure, read your blog posts out loud.  If a post doesn’t make you chuckle or nod in agreement or say YAAASSS! I’d like to go on another date with this crazy beautiful person then you need to rewrite that post.  

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2.  Use attention-getting headlines

Your headlines must grab attention and so must your sub-headings.

‘Coz let’s face it:  people skim!

The best way to draw attention is not to give away the farm in your headline or subject header but to arouse curiosity.

Do this instead:

Use this headline formula:  Interest + Benefit = Curiosity

Some ideas…

What _________________taught me about business/life.

How to increase ______in just ____ a day.

Finally a solution to ______________.

The secret to ________________.

Why you don’t want to ____________.

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3.  Include a “takeaway value”

Writers and editors know that you need to give your reader something new to walk away with after reading your content that will somehow change or help them.

Here are 3 examples of content that have built-in takeaways:

  • How-to articles
  • Your personal story of triumph or tragedy that will give insight and/or direction
  • Contrarian points of view that highlight a different way of looking at specific challenges or problems

In other words, a need has been met.

The best feedback you can get is “I needed this. Thank you.”

Now over to you…

How do you add personality to your content?

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  2. Amy Tackett

    I LOVE this piece. I tend to write pieces about my own person experiences, and I definitely agree you need to incorporate your own personality into the piece if you want readers to return for more content. Doing this, along with adding value for your reader, is something I strive for all my posts. Great post!

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