Why You’re Not Winning Customers and How To Change That

This is the first of a three-part series on How To Attract Your Perfect Clients And Grow Your ListCan’t wait for all three?  You can download this free guide right now.

If you’re like most small business owners I know, you are smart and hard-working but you need more clients/customers.

You’re tired of not attracting clients or attracting clients who

  • Don’t commit
  • Don’t pay on time
  • Don’t follow through

And you’re now ready to attract perfect clients who like and trust you and need your services or products.

why you are not winning customers and how to change that

Let’s face it running an online business can be super frustrating.

And, downright demoralizing.

You’re being a good student, putting in the hours and applying various shiny tactics but your list is growing at a snail’s pace or not at all and you haven’t signed on a new client in months.

Leaving you wondering: What gives?

Here are 3 reasons you’re struggling to win customers:

Problem # 1:  You don’t know who your perfect client is.

Let’s pretend you have a crush on someone.  It feels great, doesn’t it?

Every time you’re in the presence of your love,  your heart somersaults and soars, your hands get clammy and your knees turn to jelly.  

And you’ll do anything – well almost, anything – for this person.

Your business will thrive if, like someone with a huge crush, you give way more than you get.

Think of your perfect client as someone who deserves your full attention and your absolute best.

This is someone who after all, you will love to work with.

Just like you won’t give your heart away to any person or spend hours of your time with someone you don’t care about, you need to get specific about your perfect client.  

There’s a reason why so much is written about buyer personas/ideal client avatars.  

Skip or ignore this crucial step of identifying and clarifying your perfect client and you will struggle to win business (and hearts).

Start out by asking yourself:

Who is my perfect client?

Consider the demographics.

Is your perfect client a man or a woman?  What age?  What profession?

Where does he/she live?

It is particularly useful to know where your perfect clients hang out online.

If you know what blogs or influencers they follow, read the comments section.  Make a note of your perfect client’s challenges and questions.

What problems are they trying to solve?

Now you may be thinking “but what if I’m just starting out? What then?

If you’re starting out there’s a good chance you won’t have any idea what your perfect clients’ dream about achieving or which influencers they follow.

Here’s what I recommend you do:

Call an old or existing client that you really enjoyed working with and tell him or her that you are doing some research on your client base.

Collect as much information from this client on his or her goals, challenges and hangouts and take specific note of the words they use to describe their challenges.

But what if I don’t have any old clients to contact?

Then I recommend you do the following:

  • Visit online forums like Reddit and Quora.
  • Visit Amazon and read reviews people leave on books in your niche

If you have a substantial email list then you can send your subscribers a survey.  

Bonus tip:

I also recommend you encourage feedback from new subscribers by including the following script (or something similar) in your welcome email.  

“Thank you for subscribing to my free weekly newsletter. Could you do me a favour? Please reply to this email and let me know what’s your biggest question about [insert niche topic]? Your response will help me create more valuable content for my site. Thank you in advance,”

The more you know about your perfect client’s challenges the better your web copy will be and the more enticing your incentives.

Problem # 2:  You’re not writing for your perfect client

Who have you been writing for?

There is a good chance you’ve been writing for yourself.  

One of the biggest improvements you can make is to stop writing for yourself and start writing for one ideal reader.

I understand that you probably have more than one ideal reader but here are the facts

  • People are interested in themselves
  • People want to feel like you are addressing them personally

When you write with your one perfect client in mind, using their language, your posts (and web copy) gets more personal and your perfect client will feel like you are writing just for him or her.

Problem # 3:  You’ve fallen into the jargon trap

When we’re experts in our respective fields we want to be taken well, seriously.

We want our ideal audience to recognize our expertise and this need for recognition or our fear of being perceived as something less than an “expert” often leads to the use of jargon.

If you find yourself stuffing sentences with buzzwords and complex terms such as “incentivize” instead of “motivate” or “core competency” instead of “skill” then you’ve fallen into the jargon trap.

Make your writing easy to understand.  

Your action steps for today:

To entice your perfect clients and fill your client roster, take these three action steps:

  1. Create a one-page bio of your perfect client.
  2. Read your most popular blog posts.  Were they written with your ideal client in mind?  Is your tone conversational?  Are you addressing your perfect client directly?
  3. Read over your web copy.  Are you using words your perfect client actually uses or are you using jargon like “market-leader” and “cutting-edge”?  

Here’s what’s to read next:

Step 2:  The most effective way to create a clear marketing message and get people to like and trust you.
Step 3:  Create offers that your perfect client will find hard to resist

Want all these steps as a handy quick start guide? Get it here.

I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have a perfect client profile/avatar?  Was it easy to create or did you struggle?  What challenges did you face?


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