Socially Awesome! Interview with Glady Dalton of Heart Take The Wheel

This is the first interview in a series of interviews I plan to publish this year.

I believe that when we come together to share and reflect, we all learn and grow.

So my intention with this series is to showcase small business owners who are doing social media right.

What do I mean by that? 

Social media is first and foremost about building relationships.

These business owners get that.

They also understand the importance of creating compelling content and practice all the skills required to be effective and likeable on social media.

Skills like:

  • Being consistent
  • Being a good listener
  • Being accessible

About Glady

Glady provides a range of photography services to help you get the visuals you need for your brand.

She’s a latte-lover who believes business is better when we work as a community and loves creating photographs that help share your story.

What is your favourite social media platform and why?

Instagram is my fave place to hang out! I create a lot of my content with Instagram users in mind. I also spend most of my time on there so that’s where I build a lot of my relationships, both business & personal!

What is your top tip on how to gain more followers and grow your fanbase?

I’ve noticed that I get the most “genuine” growth and engagement when I’m myself. When I post something vulnerable. When I ask for help. When I reach out to make connections. When I share about not just what I have going on, but what other people are doing. Those are the moments I find that makes for deeper connections.

However, when you make deeper connections, you aren’t gaining thousands of followers, you’re gaining a few friends. Massive follower growth isn’t my main focus, authentic engagement is.

What is your favourite business book and why do you recommend other entrepreneurs/small biz owners read it?

I’ll be honest with you, I haven’t read a business book in a while. I used to be obsessed with them, especially the last two years. I would read book after book and I started to notice that I wasn’t doing anything. I was just reading without taking any action. But now that I feel I have a better understanding of the balance between learning and doing, I’ve been looking for a few good ones to read.
However, what I will say is that most of the books that made the biggest impact on my business weren’t business books at all. They were memoirs, fiction, or self-help types. The kind that makes you look at yourself and not your business. These are the books that inspired me the most, which inspired growth in my business. Books like Eat Pray Love, Wild, The No Bullshit Guide to Depression, Just One Thing, The Little Prince…you get the idea.
So I don’t often recommend a book specifically, but rather I recommend you read whatever you’re called to. Because what inspires you, will inspire your business.

What do you plan to do more of this year?

This year I plan to be more intentional with my social media. Not just posting to post, but posting with intention. That means more features and collaborations! More going LIVE! I go Live every Thursday on Instagram at 10am MST and it’s my favourite thing each week.

What is your favourite animal and why?

Such a tough one! Unfortunately, I don’t have a ton of experience with various animals. I’ve had pet rats for a while and loved the little creatures. So curious, full of energy, love to please, but they also love to relax and cuddle.

I’ve also always been a fan of cats. They inspire me to relax and I love their independence.

Imagine you’re sitting at a dinner table with 4 other people.  Who would you invite (living or dead)?

My Grandma, Mom & Dad, and Daniel. I always love spending time with my family and significant other. If I could have a family dinner with Grandma again, I’d jump on the opportunity.

3 words that best describe your brand: resourceful, minimal, plants

2 words that your best friend would use to describe you: funny, tech-savvy

Solopreneurs and small business owners doing social media right. Read this interview series for #socialmedia tips.

Connect with Glady:







  • To aid growth and engagement be yourself and don’t be afraid to be vulnerable.
  • Deep and lasting connections take time to build.
  • Let your inspiration, fuel your business.

Now over to you…

What was your biggest takeaway from this interview with Glady?


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  2. Hi Yolanda,

    I recognize you from a freelance Facebook group and just came across this post because I know Glady from Instagram! It’s a small (digital) world 🙂

    Glady’s authenticity and accessibility is what drew me to her in the first place, and I ultimately ended up being a client.

    Loved this post and am looking forward to the next!


    • Yolanda

      Hey Erin👋
      You said it! Glady is awesome!

      My intention for this series is to not only educate but also to showcase amazing solopreneurs and small business owners.

      ps. Following you on IG! ❤️

      • I love that 💚 I’m starting a similar series (with a different angle, of course 😊) called “Candid Chats.” The first interview should be going live anytime now. I absolutely love seeing all the community building!

        And thank you for the follow – I followed you back!

    • Aww Erin!
      I seriously love you to pieces! We have GOT to meet in person one of these days!
      I LOVE that you mentioned accessibility! I didn’t even think about that!
      THANK YOU!
      I look forward to your Candid Chats series as well!

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