Should You Have A Facebook Page or Facebook Group For Your Biz?

I hear more and more business owners questioning whether or not they should have both a Facebook page and Facebook group because of recent changes to Facebook’s algorithm.

If you haven’t heard, Facebook pages don’t have the reach they used to, so more business owners are considering creating Facebook groups.

I have written this post to help you better decide on whether you need one or both.  

do you need both a Facebook page and a Facebook Group #Facebook


Of all the major social network platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram, Facebook is by far the most popular based on the number of users. With over 2.01 billion active users Facebook is a powerhouse!

So your brand definitely needs a Facebook page.

You get to promote and keep your audience informed about your business with a Facebook page while a Facebook group is not about your business at all.

Well, it shouldn’t be.

So what’s on a page?

  • Your basic business information including website link.
  • Your address, phone number, call-to-action and hours of operation.
  • Services
  • Reviews

Follow these steps to grow your Facebook page:


  1. Post inspiring and relevant content on a regular basis.

While many social media managers and online experts will tell you to post 3-5 x a week I’m going to recommend you post at least 1-2 x per day.   And here’s why:

You want to grow your brand’s visibility if you have a small following.  However, stick to my recommendation of 1-2 x per day and no more so that you don’t become a spammer.

    2. Show up live!  

Facebook Live is the fastest and surest way to grow your fanbase but make sure you are doing this purposefully.  In other words, have a clear goal.  WHY are you showing up live and HOW are you are adding value for your audience.   If live scares you, share videos.

  3. Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads will further increase your visibility and you can only use ads via your page and not your group.  You can specify who will see your ads based on age, location, and interests and you get to include a call-to-action.  



A group managed well can grow faster than a page and drive more traffic to your website but you have to get a few things right.

1.Be specific about who your group is for and know your why

Get clear on who you want to attract, why you started your group and remember to list  the benefits of joining (for example promo-friendly theme days).

2. Select the correct type of group and privacy setting

Facebook allows you to choose your type of group.  For example is it a Buy & Sell, Class, Neighbours, Support…

You must also choose whether your group is closed, public or secret. 

3. Include a description

Include a clear description and guidelines because as your group grows it’s going to be harder to manage spammers.  

Here are 3 hard and fast facts about managing and growing a group:

1. Growing a community of engaged members can be tricky especially as running a group requires a huge time commitment.

So keep this in mind:  managing a group is going to be hard if you’re short on

  • Time
  • Patience (unless you already have a huge following, your group will grow slowly.   This is not a bad thing and should not be seen as a sign that you are doing something wrong.)

2. You have to be available.

You have to be available not only to answer questions and add value but also to monitor what is being shared in your group (unless of course, you hire help or appoint a loyal member as an admin).

3. You have to create exclusive content for your group.  

I am aware that there are groups out there who don’t do this but here’s why creating exclusive content for your facebook group is a good idea:  

We all want to feel special.

You make your members feel special when you give “extras” in the form of special offers and exclusive content.  

Your focus should be on community-building.

Your group is not in fact just “yours”.  If you’re wanting to broadcast about your services and products all day long then do it on your page.  Not in your group.  Your group is a community and it belongs as much to your members as it does to you, which is why you should be selective about who you allow in.  

Care enough to be selective.  


  • If you’re just starting out, your focus should be on growing your Facebook page by creating and sharing compelling content and promoting it with ads.  
  • If you’ve been in business a while and have an enthusiastic fanbase, a Facebook Group will help catapult your visibility and grow your business further.  

Now over to you…

What are your thoughts on Facebook Pages vs Facebook Groups?



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