How To Map Out A Content Strategy That Gets More Shares

Here’s something that is preventing you from growing your audience:

The same content in the same format on all your channels.

Let me explain.

If your main content channel is your blog (and it should be – because you own your blog) and you’re sharing content in your social media channels in the same format over and over again, then the chances are you’re seeing tumbleweeds…

The reason: No one wants more of what they already have.

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If you want your audience to be loyal to you and you want them to engage and share your content you have to keep them interested.

Let’s say you just published a recipe on your blog.

Spicy Butternut Squash Turkey Chili.

Your readers will read it and possibly download or print a copy of your recipe.

Some readers may leave a comment and some may even share your blog post.

And while this will gladden your heart, you shouldn’t stop there.

You need to keep the momentum going.  You need to keep that content piece alive as long as possible.

The question you need to ask yourself BEFORE you publish your blog post is this:

How can I compel my audience to head on over to my Facebook page, Instagram and/ or Pinterest account?

The answer:

On your Facebook page for example, you could share a video of yourself or someone else making your spicy chili.

On your Pinterest account, you could share a long graphic with step-by-step photos.

On Instagram, you could share a short video or a grid of high-quality pics of your chili.

See what you’re doing here?

1. You are catering to all types of audiences. Not only your blog readers.


2. You’re taking into account what is known as visual decision making.


Ok so your mission this week, if you choose to accept it, is to list each of your upcoming blog posts and underneath each post, list your primary social media channels.

I prefer to put pen to paper when I do content planning for myself and my clients, so I recommend you get out a notepad and maybe a few sticky notes.

Write out the following:

BLOG TITLE (probably a working title at this point)







Next, brainstorm ways to promote your blog post in those channels in different formats, with the aim to increase engagement and shares.

Repeat the process with each piece of planned content.

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Now over to you…

Have you been experimenting with different types of content on your social media channels?  How effective has it been in increasing engagement?


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