How To Improve Your Selling Skills So You Can Make More Money

Tell me,

would you rather write a 100-page e-book,

“tweak” your website’s home page (for the umpteenth time)

and scrape a chalkboard with your fingernails (for good measure)

than sell?

If you answered: Heck yeah!

Then I’m going to encourage you to keep reading because I’m going to show you how you can improve your selling skills (and possibly learn to love sales) so you can make mo’ money.

Because making mo’ money is mui importante, no?

No sales = no business

So let’s get started.

selling skills


  1. It’s not your fault.

What’s the first image that comes to mind when you think of “sales”?

A used car salesman?

A product-pushing peddler?

A snake-oil charmer?

This isn’t surprising.

We’ve been conditioned to associate sales with sleaze and manipulation.

giphy-downsized (4).gif

Most people would rather be associated with something else like pest control let’s say or law but definitely not with sales.

The underlying belief is this:

Selling is icky.

Because no one likes being sold to.

No one.

However, if you want more clients and more money  (and of course you do) you’ll have to let go of this belief and replace it with something more compelling.

So here’s a fact worth storing in your subconscious brain and limbic system: 

We are all in sales.

Because sales is not about pushing products that no one needs or wants; sales is about

moving people to take action.

It’s about improving lives.

I love Kendrick Shope’s take on this she says “Selling is Helping”.  


Now go on and write that down.

2.  Your competitor is not who you think

Chances are while you’re busy avoiding sales and retweaking your home page you stole a quick look at your competitor’s site and social media accounts.  

Your reasoning for doing so, of course, is to check that you’re still one step ahead of your competitor.

Unfortunately, your main competitor is not who you think it is.  

Your competitor is someone you care about deeply.

Your ideal client.


Yup. Think about it.  

When was the last time you met with a prospect who hadn’t diagnosed his or her problems and offered up a solution?

I’m willing to bet it was a long long time.

Before the interwebz.

Here’s a quick story.  A month ago, I met with a client who came to our initial meeting with a marketing strategy and a solution to his problem.  Not only did he know how to increase online sales but he had a plan!

Was I impressed?  

Heck yeah!

Was I surprised?

Not really.

Here’s why:  we (buyers) spend a lot of time online researching our issues and challenges so that by the time we decide to meet up with a salesperson or an expert we know what we need.  

We don’t want to be sold to remember, and the interwebz makes it possible for all us to become highly knowledgeable.

So if your ideal client has already diagnosed his/her problems and has a solution in mind how do you get them to hire you?

Here are 2 things you can do:

  • If you don’t want to be seen as “just another vendor” you have to communicate YOUR value. Chances are YOU are a valuable component of what you sell.  You do this by making sure your unique strengths and abilities shine through and that you’re not hiding behind a product.
  • Highlight your past achievements.  Think about all the work you do or have done for other clients.

How did you reduce costs for your clients?

What AHA! Moments have your clients experienced through working with you?

How did you improve performance?

selling skills

Next steps:

Join our FREE 5 Day Sleaze-free sales challenge for more salestastic tips.

3.  Sales is a skill that can be learned

Sales can be learned.  It’s a skill like any other: copywriting, baking or crocodile wrangling…  The better you are at it, the greater your chances of success.  

Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered you will never grow.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are 3 things you can start doing today to improve your selling:

  • Focus on your customer/client

You started your business because of your enthusiasm and passion for what you do but here’s the thing passion can blind you to the reality of sales.

If you’ve done this before you’ll know that launching courses and programs that you “think” will interest your prospective buyers don’t sell.

Here’s why:

Passion for your services and products alone will not result in sales because 

So listen to your prospective buyers.  What are their needs, wants, and expectations? And how can you best provide them with the solutions to their problems?

  • Clarity

Your role is to educate your prospective buyer.

You do this by presenting your product or service in a clear and concise manner.  You turn sleazy when you try to convince your prospective buyer of the benefits of your product.  

Do a good job of educating your prospects by sharing the benefits of your products and services and you will get a lot closer to acquiring a loyal customer.

  • Ask questions and listen

How many times have you met up with someone for a “cup of coffee” and ended up listening to a sales pitch on why you should join their network marketing company or buy their latest product?  A few times I bet.

The problem with this is people who do this assume that what excites them will excite everyone else.  

What would happen if instead of pitching your latest product you asked better questions? Open-ended questions that encourage long and meaningful answers.  

What would happen if you slowed down long enough to start listening?  Really listening.

Here’s what would happen:

You would learn a lot.  

You would have enough information to tweak your sales pages; enough information to launch a product that would sell; enough information to delight your prospect and convert them into a loyal customer.  


Now it’s your turn.

Tell me what is your biggest fear?  What do you hate about sales?

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