5 Marketing Myths That Are Hurting Your Business

Anyone who has ever spent time with me during allergy season will tell you that I have a “funny” sneeze.

It sounds more like a scream than a sneeze and I’m mercilessly mocked by my family because of it.

My sons tell me it sounds like I’m being attacked by an “ax-murderer”.

So how did I get this “funny” sneeze?

Here’s the story:

I was five years old, in the playground, playing in the dirt with my friends.

It was a fine Spring morning and the air was thick with pollen and I was alternating between sniffs and sneezes when an older boy, (the kindergarten teacher’s son) walked up to me and said:

“Y’know you should sneeze with your eyes shut because if you don’t they’ll pop right out.

And that is why I sneeze funny.

I don’t want my eyes to hop out of my head.

Except that they won’t,

’cause this myth, as they say, has been busted.

Maybe you have a similar “thing” because you believe something to be true that is actually a myth.

There are a lot of marketing myths and falling for them will hurt your business and impede your success.

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Here are 5 marketing myths that are hurting your business:

  1. You need the latest or better tactics

Let me get straight to the point here:

Instead of chasing tactics like treasure your focus should be on your strategy which is the plan you have for your marketing.

Ask yourself:

  • Who do I want to reach?


  • What is it that I want them to do when they visit my website?

For example: do you want them to…

>Sign Up


>Work with you

(One, two or all three?)

Your strategy is your big picture plan and your tactics are the specific things you do to help you achieve that vision.

Strategy and tactics go together just like that song (horse and carriage🎵) but things fall apart if you only focus on one or the other.

There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. - Peter Drucker (1).png

Recommended Next Steps:

  1. Can you prove your current tactics aren’t working for you? 

Let me explain:

If you have a welcome mat on your homepage, is it converting visitors into leads and at what rate?

  1. Do you suffer from shiny object syndrome?

If you do, be honest with yourself and give your current tactics a chance.  I have seen far too many solopreneurs quit certain tactics (and strategies) because they were expecting immediate results.

I have also seen the opposite, solopreneurs stubbornly holding on to things that do not serve them at all because their favorite influencer “recommends this or that and has this or that on their website”.


What works for others will not necessarily work for you.

3. You need a super sales funnel

This idea that you need a complex super funnel in place to convert prospects into buyers is perpetuated by:

  1. Experts who make a living selling the hype
  2. People who run million dollar companies

If you’ve been giving your attention to this funnel madness it’s probably because you’re struggling to attract ideal clients and buyers.

The truth is people aren’t buying from you because you don’t have a super sexy complicated funnel but because you are not clearly communicating what it is you do and how what you offer will benefit them or add value.

So before you sit down to plan your customer or client’s journey from awareness to purchase or conversion (aka funnel), you need to build a solid foundation for your business and you do this when you have the following:

  1. Knowledge of your ideal client/buyer
  2. Deep understanding of her challenges and needs
  3. Compelling content 
  4. A killer opt-in that solves her most pressing problem

Get this right and voila! you have a simple funnel in place.

4. You need to post every day

The advice goes like this:

“Publish a blog post every day because it’s good for SEO”.

What these “experts” don’t go on to tell you when they make this recommendation is that quality far outweighs quantity.

Sure, Google loves frequent updates but there is also evidence that Google loves long-form epic content that your readers will find valuable.

It is far better to publish longer articles less frequently than shorter, frequent posts that don’t add value (there are of course exceptions to this rule. I’m looking at you Seth Godin. If your short and frequent posts are driving traffic and conversions then keep it up.)

4. You should be on X social media platform

Or even worse advice, you should be on all the social media platforms.

Ain’t nobody got time for that. 

You should hang out where your ideal buyer or client hangs out.  It’s as simple as that but if you’re struggling with this, it may be because you believe “everyone” is your ideal buyer.

Everyone is not your buyer.

Yeah, I know you want to keep your options wide open but success comes from being super focused.

Get specific about your target market and follow and engage with them on their preferred social media channels.

Recommended Next Step:

If you’re just starting out you’re going to luuurve this quick tip:

Make a list of your competitors or similar brands and then hop on over to Buzzsumo and look at your competitor’s most shared content by social channel.

If most content shares, for example, are on Facebook and Twitter, then your ideal buyers are hanging out on those social media channels.

Behind every tweet, share and purchase there is a person _suite532 (2).png

5. You should automate your social media updates

This one is a pet peeve of mine because while I’m all for some automation because it saves time you should not automate everything.

I’ve actually had business owners tell me they don’t need to hire a social media manager because they automate all their content.

*Eye roll*

This is a clear indication that they don’t understand the power of social media.

Social media works because it starts conversations and helps build trust.

When you decide to automate all your posts, you’re adding to the noise.

Stop adding to the noise and start listening and engaging.

The Wrap Up

What is working for your 6 or 7 figure earning marketing “guru” or influencer may not necessarily work for you.  This is especially true if your email list is still small and you’re still able to stay in touch with each client.

Try out new tactics if you must, but give them a chance before killing them with fire.  Don’t go chasing the latest shiny object just because it’s batting its eyelids at you.

Get clear on your target market and start listening more, broadcasting less.

Don’t schedule all your posts and updates on all your social media channels.  Social media should not just be used for promotion.  Choose instead to listen and engage.

Now over to you, what marketing myth do you wish to debunk?

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