3 Reasons Why I’ll Leave Your Site Without Dropping My Email

Are you wondering why I didn’t fall for your glossy-looking bribe?

Look, inbox space is at a premium which is why if you want to nab an invitation to join the party in my inbox you have to take care of certain factors.

These factors significantly diminished your chances of getting my email.

But I have good news.

You can do something about this.    

Here’s why you didn’t gain my trust and get my email and how to change that:

  1. Your website is outdated

Take a good look at your website.  Do you really like what you see?

If you tick any of the following then there is a very good chance your website is outdated or in serious need of a revision:

  • It’s an HTML website and you’re still paying someone to add updates and make changes because you can’t navigate and make changes to your own website which is crazy…there IS a better way.  It’s called CMS.
  • Your information is outdated (Change your copyright information regularly.  No one needs to know you founded your company in 1997 and hold it against you.)
  • You’re still using Comic Sans.  You need to drop that stat!
  • Your website is a nightclub of flashing lights and gimmicks.
  • Your website is messy and cluttered. Choose a clean design.
  • It’s not mobile friendly.
  • You have no social media accounts linked to your website.
  • Your content is meh.
  • Your site is slow.
  • You didn’t add an About page.
  1.  You lack personality

Not on purpose of course.  You have it, in bucketloads, but you don’t show it.

In case you didn’t know or haven’t heard it broadcast a thousand times, I’m going to repeat it here:

It’s pretty dang crowded here in the interwebz. You’re going to have to show up and show some personality or lose out to the brave and helpful ones (aka your competitors).

If you are serious about succeeding online and growing your email list (which of course you are) you have to be an Attractive Character.  

Russell Brunson writes about this in his book Dotcom Secrets.  While he goes into greater detail in his must-read book here is what you need to know about Attractive characters:

  • They have a backstory and this backstory usually relates to their product or service.
  • They share this backstory.
  • Their stories make them easy to relate to and empathy is good for business.
  • They share their character flaws.
  • They’re not afraid of being polarizing (not everyone is going to like you and that’s OK).

The good news: You don’t have to be good-looking and sparkly.


You just have to be brave and authentic and willing to share your story. 

3. You’re not giving me what I want or you’re offering it up too late

If you want my email you have to give me something I want.  

And if you’ve done the work, you’ll know a lot about me (your ideal client) and my needs. 

But the problem is either

1. You’re not offering me anything (no lead magnet)

Lead magnets are an incentive for your website visitor to give you his or her email.  You need them.  Period.  

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2. You’re late with your offering

Your bribe may be super tempting but chances are I’m already full on all the other freebie carrots.

So even if your bribe (freebie) is extra fresh, better researched and more comprehensive, I’m going to opt out.  I have what I want. A solution to a problem and your competitor gave it up first.


3. Your bribe sucks

If your freebie looks like it was stitched together while you were trying to outrun a tornado and doesn’t deliver on its promise I’m heading over to your competitor.  You need to take the time to create a killer lead magnet that your audience will love you for.  

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There are many reasons why visitors aren’t dropping their emails but these three are the most common.

Now over to you…

What would you add to this list? What stops you from giving your email?




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  1. Great article, Yolanda, as always! Email conversion is so much more than just an opt-in box and tips & tricks. Your points are right on. I love that you pointed out personality. It is so important to have a stand in our opinions. Some will like your opinions, some won’t. That’s the reality. The important part is that your tribe get you. Oh, and I feel honoured you’ve included a link to my post on writing an About Me page. So awesome!

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